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For this project, I chose to pair with the local Ronald McDonald House (where I also intern) and "re-vamp" their YouTube channel. Beginning with an analysis of their specific needs and goals, and migrating to a survey of our target audience, I concluded that our viewers most wanted to see an interview with a family staying at RMHC.


Mrs. Mishler was chosen as the interviewee, and the video was filmed with a Nikon DSLR and then edited with Adobe Premiere.



After the video was published, I spent the next week monitoring it's viewership progress, finally gathering analytics nine days after going 'live'. I concluded that our viewers enjoy the 'human' aspect of this video, and that the House's main social media tool to utilize should be Facebook, as the majority of source access occured through RMHC's Facebook page. Though the overall response to this video was underwhelming, I feel that it provided an incredible opportunity for me to hone my audience research, video editing, and interpersonal interviewing skills.


A more detailed report, including analytical visuals and planning, can be found below.


Community Partner Project RMHC YouTube Optimization.zip


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.